Back-to-School (BTS) Marketing Starts Again

It’s back to school time again. This time of year carries a lot of emotions for kids and for their parents.  Long awaited shopping season has started. Everyone from young to old goes to catch THE BIG SALES.

Back-to-School (BTS) Marketing Starts Again

It’s no surprise that this season is a huge revenue opportunity for business retailers. They spend a lot of time making their back-to-school campaigns bigger and better than ever. However, to get a piece of that big spending potential, local retailers need to build the right marketing campaign to impress more back-to-school shoppers.


 FACT:      BTS season is a major retail moment. It is a big business opportunity 
            as consumers spend billions of dollars preparing kids for the upcoming school year


Back-to-school shopping includes more than just pencils and paper; it can be anything from clothes to calculators and you need to buy all of this in time. A lot of people find it more convenient to order their back to school items online rather than buy from local stores. And because of this, around half of back to school shopping is done online. But what websites should you order from? Not only are there too many to choose from, each one of them is trying to offer their own deals and win you over.

Back-to-school promotional ideas can work not only for the retailers who sell school supplies, items or uniforms but also for other business owners. Indeed, this marketing idea can attract more attention to your products/services and why not increase your sales.


Some useful recommendations to increase your BTS revenue:


 –  Never limit your back to school promotional ideas, and start including more niches for this campaign. Don’t forget about the parents,

 – Think about teachers as a separate targeted group and start planning great ideas for them,

 – Run a promotional contest to generate buzz about your brand. Use social media platforms to engage more users and catch the interest among school students.

 – Promotional voucher codes are another way to attract more targeted groups and help them save on their purchases


 FACT:      In 2016, shoppers spent 75 billion dollars on back-to-school goods



Best Back to School Deals 2018


Office Depot has special deals for back-to-school shoppers. For example, they have school supply under $1, 30 for laptops, calculators etc.


Kohl’s offers hot deals for all ages: jeans less than 10$ for juniors and kids, backpacks less than 20$, school uniforms, Adidas with 25% off etc. offers online printing services and special 10% OFF on personalized t-shirts, mugs, and photo books.



Target’s back to school discounts includes school supplies, clothing, and decor: t-shirts starting at $4, jeans starting at $8. By using code UNIFORMS you can save 20% on uniforms, etc.




Look out for good deals to start this study year prepared. It is a great opportunity for businesses and customers alike.  Happy Back to School Season!

Back-to-School (BTS) Marketing Starts Again
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Back-to-School (BTS) Marketing Starts Again
It’s back to school time again. This time of year carries a lot of emotions for kids and for their parents.  Long awaited shopping season has started.
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