Content Creation Struggle: what content you’re good at VS what people want

Nowadays, the content creation process requires much more investment as, apparently, “Content is king” is one of the major digital marketing clichés of our time, right up there with “SEO is dead.”

Are you currently struggling with content creation yourself, specifically, the selection of a content type/topic you should post on social media? Imagine, you have worked on a particular topic for a hell of a time, you like what you have created.
But, unfortunately, when it is already published, it does not appeal to your audience pretty much. It happens almost in every content creation process. What should you do in this case?

As soon as you find out that the type of content you are great at making is something different from your audience’s preferences you should find the gap between these two factors and bridge them together. 

Knowing how hard it can be to come up with such content that can satisfy the seemingly never-ending social media needs, here we suggest some simple tips that are definitely worth a try.

Start a conversation with your social media audience


Before the content creation phase, have in mind, that conversations are always useful: the exchange of the ideas of two sides. The most straightforward way to do this is to focus on generating a discussion, to get your target market talking. Remember, the goal here is to get consumers to talk to you. You should make them share their feelings with you. 

Social media can do this in a variety of ways.  You can choose a survey, a list of simple questions, or an automated poll. The latter is a pretty great way to start a discussion with your audience. This allows them to provide their opinions and feedback; it can also help you improve your target marketing.

For example, you could create a poll asking your followers what type of social media content they would like to see more of from you on social media.

You can also ask for ideas on new products, services, or website functionality. Most importantly, if you’re considering launching something new, an automated poll will be an awesome way to get early market feedback.


Find your best time to post


Posting thought-provoking and well helpful content on social media aren’t enough to drive your audience to get engaged. After you’ve written a compelling post and a caption and found the best hashtags and visuals, your next step will be to try to maximize the number of people who see your post.

You have to post when there are actually users around to like your post or to comment on it. Posting your content at that perfect moment… Knowing when your audience is online and engaged, will help you increase the reach of your post and improve engagement.

The Instagram feed is no longer chronological. Thus, some people may argue that the time you post is not relevant anymore. However, Instagram’s algorithm takes three main factors into consideration when placing it in the feed:

  • Interest: The level at which Instagram believes a follower cares about a particular type of content
  • Recency: Instagram will prioritize fresh content over content that is older
  • Relationship: The closer you are with your followers, the more likely your content will appear in their feeds


“Recency” is a primary ranking factor. It’s still important to be posting when your audience is online and can view new content from you.
Narrowing down the best times to post to your Instagram feed will take a little bit of work, but also do not forget about multiple factors that your best posting time depends on. There are factors as the timezone, your business’s type, the audience you’re targeting, and so on.

As a platform, let’s take Instagram for instance again. As it is much easier to find your best posting time here than on any other platform. You just need to access your Instagram Insights and find out the best time right there. Not to yourself: you are able to do that as long as you have a business account.


Instagram’s best time

Simply, click on the hamburger menu in the top right corner on your profile page and then click on “Insights”.

Next, click on the “Audience” tab and scroll down to the “Followers” breakdown.

Here, you’ll see a bar graph showing you the most popular times. It shows when your followers are active in your timezone, broken down by the days of the week.


So, we have discussed the technical part of this issue, the main reasons. We talked about how to connect with your audience and find out their needs, about the best posting time. Now it’s time to concentrate mostly on the creator’s part.

What should the content creator do in order to not shout into the void and at the same time post what he or she is good at? Tricky question, huh?

After optimizing the technical part in the content creation process, now the point here is that you should find that exact content type that you find yourself comfortable sharing. You feel satisfied during the process.  And it is much easier for you to create it in no time at all. Well, you are in the right place.

As you hear every time and as we too mentioned above that “content is the king”, remember, that “honest content is the king of all kings”. 

Build trust, keep trust


Honesty builds trust, and the more you maintain that level of trust, the more loyal an audience you will build. Through transparency, you create an even level of trust. You trust them to be completely honest by making them share their opinions and interests; they trust you because you are honest and you post what you like too, and what is easier for you to post.


A brand that is more willing to share its ‘warts, and all’ maintains rare sincere relationships. Forming honesty reminds readers that you aren’t just a corporation filtering out information. But rather a writer, a worker, and a person, with your own set of values and thoughts.

Long story short, identify your audience’s preferences, your buyer persona’s likes and dislikes, post what you actually WANT to post and what you are capable of creating.


So next time you’re creating a blog or a post on social media on an issue that is either X or Y, make sure you pick a side. You may not hit all the targets, but the ones you do hit will be valuable to your business.


Nobody likes cheating, fake, and unprofessional content of nonexperts. The individual approach is very much expected in the content creation process. Think as your target does, stick to a sincere approach, and get ahead of your competitors.

Know your people, build trust, be You and thus you’ll create the bridge between your audience!

Content Creation Struggle: what content you’re good at VS what people want
Article Name
Content Creation Struggle: what content you’re good at VS what people want
Nowadays, the content creation process requires much more investment as, apparently, "Content is king" is one of the major digital marketing clichés of our time, right up there with "SEO is dead."
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