The Best Uses of the AR Business Cards

If don’t know how to incorporate AR into your daily life, here are a few examples of AR business cards that will help you out.

The Best Uses of the AR Business Cards

How small can a mini coffee machine be? The answer is very and the proof is Nespresso’s artificial reality application. Using it, you can fit a real-size model of the Essenza Mini coffee machine in any corner of your room. What makes it even better is that it is not a pixelated model of a coffee machine from the past. It looks just as real as it gets. Though not every company has the ability (or even the necessity) to have a similar application designed for their business, there is a simpler way any business can make a similar impression. That way is AR business cards.



Business cards are something of a commodity already. We thoughtlessly exchange and accumulate them every day. The role of AR business cards is to help change that thoughtless pattern and add a bit more interactivity into the process.


However, you might not know how why you should incorporate augmented reality business cards into branding. That is where we come in. Here is a list of some of the best uses of the AR business cards:



Interior Design


Interior design is one of those industries that allows for the very creative use of AR business cards. Just take a look at this one! It looks like a dollhouse and is just awesome. If you are a designer and want to showcase your professionalism, this technology can be how you stand out. The 3D models of the room and interior elements look very impressive.



Personal Business Cards


If you search online the largest use of AR business cards is personal business cards. Some of the examples are extremely creative, the other ones just look simple and functional. None the less they all help to make a great professional impression. It is true for all industries but especially the ones that deal with IT and design.  Needless to say, that if you do animation, graphic design, game development, or photography, it is one of the best ways to showcase your expertise.



When the pile of business cards gets larger and larger, it becomes harder and harder to keep track of all of them. But if the potential client can interact with the augmented reality you have designed, they will keep and remember it. Imagine yourself being on the receiving end — we bet you would have loved it just as well. You can get crazy creative with it, and is that not what a person of a creative profession needs?


Pocket Product Models


It is more of an observation than anything else, but even simple nicely designed 3D products look great on AR business cards. Companies that produce toys, clothes, furniture, and technologies can really benefit from the technology. It just a nice and simple touch that helps to make a good impression. And correct me if I’m wrong but that’s what every business wants. The model will show that you are ready to make that extra step that might make all the difference. Seriously, just take a look at how cool a little Tesla Model 3 looks! How can you ever throw anything like that away?





AR business cards were invented for this purpose. So if your company does CGI, or Motion Graphics, or even video production, your business cards should live up to that. With the augmented reality embedded in your card, you can show what you are capable of in real time. Not everybody has the time (and desire, if we are completely honest) to check the webpage of every single person that hands them a business card. But if you manage to attract their attention using AR technologies, they will remember you. And next time, when they need someone who can create what they want your company will be the first one that comes to mind.





Another type of company that might benefit the most from having AR business cards are the companies in the digital world. In other words, those are all the companies that want to stay up to date with all the trends. The business that wants to blend in with the world of the future needs something that will help them prove themselves to their potential customers. It is not enough to say that you want to do something revolutionary — you need to prove that and the next generation business cards might help you do exactly that.



Marketing Campaigns


Even though we have mentioned all of those things, it does not mean those are the only uses for AR business cards. Those are the most common and impressive applications but in no way the only ones. They have as many uses as you can come up with. With augmented reality, you add an entire dimension to the thing you already do. Thus, you can also use them to come up with marketing strategies, sales, and other promotions. They will not only help promote your brand but make their experience with it a little more interactive.





AR business cards — a glimpse of future in your hands


If you ever thought that regular business cards are pretty boring, well you were right. They are pretty boring. Sometimes they feel like a waste of space and time. Most of the time, you have more to say and show then can ever be displayed on a card.


Above all, the AR and VR are one of the most promising industries. They are the future of entertainment and marketing, so starting out with something as simple as a business card might be what you need to do. More than 35% of people already admitted that they would readily use it for when learning about the company. As the technology becomes more widespread, and solutions — more sophisticated, the numbers will inevitably grow as well.


If you decided that that is what you need, our team of VR/AR designer would be happy to help you out. Come in with ideas, and contact our the team if that is what you are looking for.


The Best Uses of the AR Business Cards
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The Best Uses of the AR Business Cards
If don't know how to incorporate AR into your daily life, here are a few examples of AR business cards that will help you out.
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